Scenic Makanda
Makanda Vulture Fest
Scenic Makanda

Makanda IS THE Solar Eclipse Centre in 2017 & 2024!

Solar Eclipse Makanda

Photo Provided by:
Gallatin County teacher
Lindsay Adams



Makanda Featured on TV!

Makanda on TV



Spirit of Makanda

Est. 1845
Inc. 1888

Smiley Water Tower


Makanda Events

Vulture Fest 2016 (Cancelled Due to Bridge Work)

Makanda Vulture Fest

Vulturefest 2016 is cancelled due to bridgework.

Each fall, vultures fly over Makanda and the surrounding areas and signal the beginning of fall and the arrival of the incredible fall colors of Makanda and southern Illinois. Vulture Fest features live music, food, shopping, and art by local artists for purchase.

For questions and additional information please email or check it out on Facebook.


Spring Makandafest

Makanda Springfest


Makanda Springfest is evaluated each spring depending on the weather. Check back for updates.

For questions and additional information please email




B.C. Ross Community Center

B. C. Ross Community Building


Located near Downtown Makanda, the B.C. Ross Community Center is available for meetings, events, reunions, and other functions. Rental is available for a fee. Contact Trustee Elaine Ross at 618.457.7940 or

Located at 230 Makanda Road, near downtown.