Scenic Makanda
Makanda Vulture Fest
Scenic Makanda

Makanda IS THE Solar Eclipse Centre in 2017 & 2024!

Solar Eclipse Makanda

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Hontas Farmer



Makanda Featured on TV!

Makanda on TV



Spirit of Makanda

Est. 1845
Inc. 1888

Smiley Water Tower





Welcome to Makanda


The Village of Makanda welcomes all visitors to visit Makanda and the surrounding Southern Illinois area. Makanda has a lot to offer. Visit the unique shops in downtown Makanda. Enjoy nature and the many rock formations at nearby Giant City State Park and Shawnee National Forest. Have dinner at the ever popular Giant City Lodge. Stay at many of the nearby cabins or bed and breakfasts. Enjoy the Southern Illinois Wineries on the Wine Trail. The possibilities are endless.

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Makanda NatureMakanda Giant City State Park